Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Trip To The Park

When I went out yesterday afternoon, it was with the intent to spend some "quality time" with my 70-300mm lens. It's always in my bag, but I rarely use it. I did pull it out to take that eagle shot on Sunday, but I really wasn't happy with its (my?) performance, so I wanted to take it out and put it through its paces.

I ended up at a local park with the intent of just farting around,  you know, taking some throw-away shots. Well, you know how it is, once you put a camera in your hands it's all business, so I put my long lens on the camera, took off my vest (it was too warm for it) and set about making photographs.

I got the shots I got, and was pleased with the effort; I thought I might even have a few keepers in the bunch.  I reached for my lens cap, but it wasn't there!  "Oh", I thought, "I left it in my vest pocket...in the car...with my keys!"  Oh crap!  March to the transit center, hop on a bus, get the wife's keys, hop on another bus and collect the car.  Oh lord! My father was right!  It IS a good thing my head's attached!

New Town

New Town 2

Mallard Hen

Mallard Drake

Scavengers Row

Reflecting Gull


  1. Oooh I'm smitten with those mallards!

    Mallards, seagulls AND a goose. You being the goose for losing your lens cap ;D

  2. Looks like a nice day! Lovely photos.

  3. WOW~You had a fun (?) day...Great shots. Kinda like the ad on tv where the lady takes bus home from work, starts to relax and realizes she drove her car to work..
    I'm still wondering where I lost my Nikon 5 & 6T closeup filters (probably screwed together on Ranier or Pikes Place)~at times I wish my head was screwed on!