Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project 52 - Week 42

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

October 17

Monday morning 
I was out walking my dog before heading off to work and I spied the moon hanging in the pre-dawn sky.  Anticipating an opportunity, I grabbed my tripod and hot-footed it to work.  Once there I was pleased to see that the moon had not been hidden by clouds, so I mounted my camera and long lens onto my tripod and set about capturing this image.  While this low-res version doesn't do it justice, I am very pleased with the way it came out.

Fat Half Moon

October 22

This afternoon we went out to visit a Pub in a nearby town for a burger and a beer.  Afterward I captured this image of the town hall.  On our way back I took a back road and a ramshackle old structure caught my eye.

City of Carnation

Gravity At Work

Still Standing

Project 52 - Week 41

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

October 12

The Commons

If you've been following this blog you'll know that the school where I work underwent a major addition this past summer.  Now the addition has been dedicated and tours have been conducted, but still there are those who haven't seen it in person.  The school's Annual Report will be coming out soon and I was asked to provide some shots for a "virtual tour" of the new construction.  This image is part of that collection and shows the main entrance to the new area..."The Commons".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project 52 - Week 40

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

October 8

Old Barn Overgrown

This old barn sits alongside Hwy 203 just south of Duvall, WA.  It's been there for quite some time, hence the "Old" designation.  It's no longer in use and has any number of holes, of varying sizes, in the roof.  A few years ago it was going to be torn down, but from what I heard, a group of people got together with enough in donations to buy the barn with plans to turn it into some sort of performing arts center.  It has yet to host any performances, but it is still standing, and for that I'm glad. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 52 - Week 39

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

September 30

Sunrise Over Foggy Bottom

Sunrise Over Foggy Bottom (B&W)

...To The Place I Belong

There are several different ways for me to get to work in the morning.  This has its advantages if there be traffic issues, or should I wish to avoid the freeways...which is always the case.

One of the routes I frequently take is the West Lake Sammamish Parkway, which, oddly enough, skirts the west shore of Lake Sammamish.  The top photo was taken looking east from the side of West Lake Sam Pkwy, just south of Marymoor Park.  I've had my eye on this location for some time, and this morning presented me with a most auspicious I took it!  Oh, color and black & white, why both?  While each of them evoke different emotions and present different qualities, I find that I like them both equally well and I felt it would be unfair of me to offer you one in favor of the other.

The bottom photo was taken on my way home from work.  Turning left or right as I leave each offer their own opportunities and challenges, depending on time of day, day of the week, weather conditions, etc, but this day I turned right.  I had previously noticed the way this short stretch of road appeared to present itself as a length of unfurled ribbon, and today found me with just the right combination of favorable light, weather conditions, preparation and time so that I was able to stop in the road for a few moments  and capture this image.  It may not be an award winner, but it pleases me in a very basic and elemental way.  (The title...can you place the reference?)