Monday, February 8, 2010

Eastlake; Montlake

This past Saturday was the closest thing to sunny the Seattle area has seen in a while, so I took full advantage of it and went on a bit of a photographic walkabout.  I started out at the Montlake Cut then drove over the the Eastlake neighborhood and finished off there.  I really enjoyed myself; I always do when I'm shooting.  Putting a cap on my walkabout, I stopped at the 14 Carrot Cafe on Eastlake Avenue for a well deserved soy latte .

Montlake Cut: The Montlake Bridge

Montlake Cut:  The Montlake Bridge

Montlake Cut:  Row

Eastlake:  The Ship Canal Bridge

Eastlake:  Seattle Crew

Eastlake:  Seward Public School

Eastlake:  East Louisa Street

 Eastlake:  Ninety Four

Eastlake:  Aquaburbs

Eastlake:  Laketop Property


  1. thanks for the tour. wonderful photos. i absolutely love 'Aquaburbs'! great lines, reflections, and colors.

  2. Thanks Cat, it was entirely my pleasure. :-)

  3. I am still laughing, two days later, at just how long it took me to see the "94" in the photo....oy!

  4. Hey Giani, the more obscure the better!