Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow...what a long, strange week it's been

This past week we got dumped on by an unrelenting snow that just got more intense as the week progressed.  I went out Wednesday night to get these shots before it started melting the next day.  

Then it didn't.

Instead, we got more snow, a bit of sleet, some freezing rain (and the obligatory ice storm that goes with it), followed by more snow.  It warmed up yesterday, and the wholesale melting commenced.

I like snow; I like the way it looks, the way it covers everything up and the way it spreads a muted hush over the world.  Everything slows down and people seem nicer.  For a while at least it seems like there really is magic in the world. 

Then it melts, exposing everything it had covered and bringing with it a bit of melancholy to go with the dirty, wet, slushy, flooding mess it leaves behind.

But at least you can get around again without the fear of getting stuck somewhere.