Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 52 - Week 17

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

This past week, it was Monday, we had snow...about an inch.  It didn't last long, but it's April for crying out loud!  This isn't supposed to happen around here!  It did, however, give me something to shoot...

April Snow

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 52 - Week 16

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

One of my earliest memories is of rolling among crisp clean sheets, piled on the bed, fresh from the line and warmed by  the sun.  This week's shot is reminiscent of that time and feeling.

Clean Sheets

Monday, April 11, 2011

Project 52 - Week 15

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

This week I came upon an exotic car show in the parking lot of a local mall.  One of the first, let's say the second, car I encountered was this vintage Mercedes Benz Sedan.  Below you will find two versions of the same image.  The first has received minimal post production manipulation, mainly to make adjustments to exposure, contrast, brightness, those sorts of things.  The second has received post production manipulation to give it some HDR  pop.  What I'd like for you to do, dear viewer, is to tell me which version you prefer.  How hard can that be?

#1 - Mercedes Benz Sedan - Minimal Manipulation 

#2 - Mercedes Benz Sedan - HDR pop

Worth a Look (The View From The "Big End") - Vol II Edition 4

Not only am I a visual person, but a photographer as well.  As such, I enjoy looking at photographs, and every now and then I'll go wandering through the listings for the Photographers Of Etsy to do just that...look at photographs. I usually frequent the "Big End" because I want to catch them before they expire, give them another chance at discovery if you will.  Here are just a few of the images that recently caught my eye.


And artists, please don't forget to renew your listings before they expire!  We'd hate to lose them.

(Note:  The "Big End" is what I call the the oldest of the POE listings. To get there, conduct a search on Etsy under "All Items" for "POE team".  You will get a list of probably somewhere around 400 to 500 listings; the "Big End" is the end of the list with the highest numbers, and these are the ones about to drop off and expire.)

(Note 2:  It should be noted that the only search criteria I use to find the images for this feature is "poe team".  You'd be surprised how many times I go into a member's shop to link to the listing I found in my search, only to find another image I like better!  Sadly, because of my self-imposed rules, I can't use the other "better" image because, and only because, "poe team" was not included in the list of 14 tag words.  So, if you're not including "poe team" in your tag words, you're missing the boat.  

Hey, I'm just sayin'...)

Mouse - DavidLangley

Kotlarska 4 - shashamane

Walk the Line - erinaasland

Steam Engine - SolsticePhoto

Homage To Georgia O'Keefe - jesspeterson

Flying High - HolgaJen

To be touched - DeLaCruz

Chess Players - GalerieNoire

Vintage Harvest - buckscountyframes

Arcane Allure - everydayeros

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 52 - Week 14

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.


I work at a school (K-8), and right now we have some construction going on.  This past week we had a bit of excitement when a piece of excavation equipment dug up and ruptured a gas line that was not where it was supposed to be.  All the children were calmly, and safely evacuated to the gym to wait for their parents to collect them.  This image shows one of the teachers surrounded by the students.