Friday, February 4, 2011

Worth a Look (The View From The "Big End") - Vol II Edition 2

Not only am I a visual person, but a photographer as well.  As such, I enjoy looking at photographs, and every now and then I'll go wandering through the listings for the Photographers Of Etsy to do just that...look at photographs. I usually frequent the "Big End" because I want to catch them before they expire, give them another chance at discovery if you will.  Here are just a few of the images that recently caught my eye.


And artists, please don't forget to renew your listings before they expire!  We'd hate to lose them.

(Note:  The "Big End" is what I call the the oldest of the POE listings. To get there, conduct a search on Etsy under "All Items" for "POE team".  You will get a list of probably somewhere around 400 to 500 listings; the "Big End" is the end of the list with the highest numbers, and these are the ones about to drop off and expire.)

(Note 2:  It should be noted that the only search criteria I use to find the images for this feature is "poe team".  You'd be surprised how many times I go into a member's shop to link to the listing I found in my search, only to find another image I like better!  Sadly, because of my self-imposed rules, I can't use the other "better" image because, and only because, "poe team" was not included in the list of 14 tag words.  So, if you're not including "poe team" in your tag words, you're missing the boat.  

Hey, I'm just sayin'...)

Sunset Over Hartland Point - Lhosphotography

Freedom - bluemoonstudio

Brant Point Sunset - Knight27

Flower 1 - heatherkingdesigns

Abandoned Farmhouse in Canola Field - rrobertsphoto

Detroit Alley - lilacpopphotography

Had You Gone You Knew In Time We'd Meet Again - CBMLphoto

Black and White Tulips - PhotoGrunt

Simply Country - SouthernHippie

The Test of Time - FotogirlCreations

Eastern State Penitentiary - JohnSturgisPhotos

Misunderstood - siriusimagery


  1. Thanks for including my photo! Your blog is always nice to read :)

  2. It's my pleasure, Michelle, and thank you for the kind words!

  3. Wow, Fantastic blog!
    Thankyou for including my work.

  4. Thank you Photogrunt!! I really appreciate this! I posted your blog on mine, as well as on my Facebook page.

  5. I love them all, accept that bug just overhead!

  6. Thanks for sharing. The Brant Point Sunset photo is amazing, and that Eastern State Penitentiary photo has such stunning tones to it. Haunting!