Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tagline Roulette - Volume II, Edition 2 - "Teal"

I have a list of words, currently numbered at 161, and periodically I go to an online random number generator to get...(Wait for it!)...a  randomly generated number! I use this number to point me to the tag word that I'll use to create a pool of images by Etsy POE Team members.  As words get used, I cross them off the list, give the other words a chance, you know?   

It should be noted that the "tag word" in no way dictates a theme, it is merely part of the search criteria used to create the image pool.  This time out the random word turned out to be "Teal" which produced a collection of 6 pages, 234 listings and a collection of 26 images.  

Please take a look; I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, and as always, please feel free to send me your word suggestions!

Nuance - greenislandstudios

bix - zuppaartista

Glacial Waters - jenndphotography

seagull 3 - enchantedpond

All Shut Up - reflectionsoflight

Pecos River No. 2 - rrobertsphoto

Miss Violet at the Starting Line - kellywarrenphotoart

Spring Cactus Blossoms - CreateLoveLaugh

Ode to Aspara-guys - joystclaire

Roots Of Exposure - CatamountDigital

Vintage Chevrolet Bel Air - EyeShutterToThink

Wasser Mit Gas - buckscountyframes

Country Breeze - bbrunophotography

Teal Door - RaeoLight

Copper Lion Fountain - intrinsicvalue

The Lone Horseman - Briole

Troy Bay Door - PhotoGrunt

all things european - levansphotography

Preservation - bbrunophotography

Red Shadow - studiocvh

Annie's Town Hotel - SouthernHippie

Solar Powered - dsbrennan

Abstract Two - CoyPhoto

Old chair with telephone - seabelly

Fermenting Department - jalinde

Dive - ellemoss


  1. What a great idea! Love it, & LOVE these stellar works of photographic art! Thanks for including my "Ode to Aspara-guys"!

  2. This is a beautiful collection of photos. Thanks for including mine.

  3. A beautiful variety of glad I was included!

  4. Love it! Teal is one of my favorite colors. Thanks for including me Steve!

  5. Wow, what a great collection.

  6. Love the theme this round...beautiful images!

  7. Engaging and entertaining as always -- thanks, Steve!

  8. Gorgeous collection as usual! Thanks so much for including my Miss Violet. Being a car geek, I think my favorite is the Chevy Bel Air.

  9. Beautiful! Some amazing talent in this bunch :)

  10. Wow..wonderful finds! So kind of you to include mine :)

  11. wow thanks so much for adding my photo! And the other photos are stunning! I'm humbled : )


  12. This collection is absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you so much for including me!

  13. A wonderful collection you've curated here, love it!

  14. Oh, my favorite color! Just lovely! Thank you for including my spring cactus blossoms :)

  15. Such stunning images! Thank you for including mine.