Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tagline Roulette - Volume I, Edition 14 - "Tree"

I have a list of words, currently numbered at 114, and each week I go to an online random number generator to get...(Wait for it!)...a  randomly generated number! I use this number to point me to the tag word that I'll use to search for images by Etsy POE Team members that will populate that week's feature.

This week that word turned out to be "Tree" which produced 39 pages of listings to choose from. My target is to put together a collection of 10 images or so, but lately, with so many images to choose from, I've been blowing right past 10; this week I ended up with a grouping of 20.  Please take a look; I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Oh, and as always, please feel free to send me your word suggestions; the list is by no means limited to 114.



Jax Palm - kirby3131

And They Sing - AlteredAbbey

Tree at night - mattallen

Cloudtree - if1hadwords

Yuccas 4 - jessicarogers

Vine Maple - PhotoGrunt

The Poetry of Life - jrenphotos

Lonely Oak - urbandesign

Park Benches - garyhellerphotograph

Nocturne - paintednegative

Ladder - AnnWilkinson

Standing Strong - funtoprint

Tractor Tree No. 1 - rrobertsphoto

Twisted Tree, Grand Canyon - LDphotography

Portland Japanese Garden  - mesmanimages

Boone Hall Plantation - StephsShoes

Graveyard - dylanmurphy

Oak Tree Evening - octoberphotography

Spring - TimeCaptured

Bamboo Forest - lbilbs14


  1. Thanks Steve for including my twisted tree in this stimulating collection. Linda

  2. trees evoke such divergent senses and emotions -- strength and fragility, comfort and loneliness, beautiful and utilitarian -- to name a few. i like your word list, and thank you for including my work amongst these excellent photographs.

  3. A fine collection of trees. What a great idea.

    Thank you so much for including my print.

  4. Beautiful! They are all so diverse.

  5. Honored to be in this group of gorgeous tree of my favorite subjects ever to photograph!

  6. Yes, its amazing to me how different they all are! They are all fantastic!!

  7. Beautiful collection! Thanks for including my Japanese Maple!

  8. Wow, I'm honored to be included in this collection... lots of good work here! Thanks, Steve. :)

  9. Love the Spanish moss is StephsShoes shot.

  10. Of these are so beautiful! I'm honored you chose my photo to be here too, thank you!

  11. So many beautiful images you've found - I can't pick just one for my favorite! Thanks for including me, too. :)

  12. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for including my Cloudtree! I'm honored! :)