Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to the Machine

I was able to get out and shoot yesterday. It was cloudy, of course, and a bit drizzly, but not a full blown rain. There was just enough moisture about to make one aware of the need to keep drops from getting on the lens. We were in Seattle's Fremont District, on the prowl for a good burger, and we found it too at Blue Moon Burgers. If you're in the neighborhood and are in need of a burger fix, Blue Moon is definitely worth the stop!

I started my shoot at the Aurora Bridge, which is right there, but because the bridge is up high, I was down low, the drizzle was traveling in the normal up to down direction and I wanted to keep water drops from collecting on my lens, I wasn't having the photographic experience of a lifetime. I got a couple shots worth the effort, but since I expect the bridge to be there for the foreseeable future, I'll go back some other time.

My next stop was Gas Works Park on the north end of Lake Union. I still had to be cognizant of the drizzle, but I had more success there.

Aurora Bridge, Down Low

Gas Works Park: Belt Wheels

Gas Works Park: Plate and Nuts

Gas Works Park: Concrete Ribs

Gas Works Park: Wet Yellow

Gas Works Park: Red Pipe

Gas Works Park: Wet Threads


  1. Love your work. Great eye! Aurora Bridge is my fav.

  2. wow, these look so amazing and so professional presented this way. very clean and well put-together! i love all the light and shadow details in "Gas Works Park: Belt Wheels." the black and white tones are all so perfect!