Friday, March 25, 2011

Tagline Roulette - Volume II, Edition 3 - "San Francisco"

I have a list of words, currently numbered at 161, and periodically I go to an online random number generator to get...(Wait for it!)...a  randomly generated number! I use this number to point me to the tag word that I'll use to create a pool of images by Etsy POE Team members.  As words get used, I cross them off the list, give the other words a chance, you know?   

It should be noted that the "tag word" in no way dictates a theme, it is merely part of the search criteria used to create the image pool.  This time out the random word turned out to be "San Francisco" which didn't produce an exceedingly long list of images, but I think you'll agree it did produce some interesting ones.  And if this outing seems to be heavily weighted toward bridges, well, it is San Francisco after all!

Please take a look; I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, and as always, please feel free to send me your word suggestions!

Zoom Goes the Judah - mattallen

record store - moonaskingtostay

bay bridge love - 4blankwalls

wear some flowers in your hair - moonaskingtostay

The Golden Golden Gate - RandomAbstracts

I Left My Heart - eringarrisondesign

Romolo Alley - mattallen

San Francisco Fountain - rrobertsphoto


golden gate bridge 3 - sharpobjects

Chinatown Building - dhunting

Crashing Waves at Baker Beach - mk111333

More San Fran Sea Lions - PhotosByChipperfield

San Francisco City View - thartzo

Pink House Collage - MarissaObscura

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - Baker Beach - mk111333

Alcatraz - rrobertsphoto

Bay Bridge in Fog - SeaLilyStudio

Sky - poofny

Rising Column - HOLLIHO

Move Fast - anaramirezphoto

Abstraction - elephantdreams

Buena Vista Cafe - JBWPhoto

Golden Gate Bridge - SeaLilyStudio


  1. Great town, great images. I wish I had taken more photographs in San Francisco's Chinatown, which is so different thant the one I'm used to in NYC. Thanks for including my photograph!

  2. Great post! Made me homesick! One of those is even from my old hood ;)

  3. oh yeah, I left my heart in San Francisco....lovely selections Steve, and thanks for including me

  4. Steve, thank you so much for including my "Sea Lions" in your post.

    I too left my Heart in San Fran and my Daughter.

    Great Shots.

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  5. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for the beautiful "San Francisco" collection that you curated on this blog. You chose very stunning photographs. I love it. Please accept my deep appreciation for choosing two of my San Francisco photographs - "Crashing Waves at San Francisco Baker Beach" and "San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge."

    Best wishes,


  6. This might just be my favorite of all your posts! Great selection of images, and I'm honored that you included one of mine! Thanks!

  7. I do love SF! Thanks for including me!

  8. Steve, this is an awesome collection of talented artists!

  9. Great post, and thanks for including my Golden Golden Gate!

  10. Thanks for including me in your post! There are some amazing photographers on Etsy. Proud to be among them.

    What's not to love about San Francisco. Something tells me I should be taking more shots of the GG Bridge. Kidding :)

    Thanks again, Steve!

    - Kelly

  11. great collection, and of course city! thanks for including my 'bay bridge love' print!!

  12. Great collection, Steve.
    Thanks so much for including my Dreamy.
    So honor,
    Helen ^_^

  13. Great job to all my artists! Thank you for your kind comments.