Friday, October 8, 2010

The Handmade Shopping Guide

It's always nice when someone appreciates your work, and it's even better when they tell you about it.  But what's better still is when they tell others about you, especially when they do it in a public way.

That happened to me today.  Gilliauna, over at "The Handmade Shopping Guide" had some very nice things to say about both my work and my shop in today's post: "Seattle in the Fall and Steve Raley Photography".  If you get a chance, take a look.

Thanks Gilliauna!


  1. Congrats Steve!

    I know Leal, and he is a cool guy. I am happy he knows of you and did this wonderful write up.

  2. Kudos my friend! This recognition is very much deserved. I love your gritty urban black and white photos and Seattle is one of my favorite cities to photograph. Great exposure! ;)

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography