Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tagline Roulette - Volume I, Edition 1 - "Spring"

I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with another theme for a feature I could use to promote the work of the Photographers Of Etsy Team.  I think I've come up with a winner, and as you've undoubtedly already surmised, I call it "Tagline Roulette".  

The concept is rather simple; I gather a list of "tag words" from ideas submitted via convo or by blog comments on the current blog edition.  From that list, one word is randomly selected to be the tag word I use to search for images to populate the next edition of the blog feature.  

This being the first edition, and since it's my blog and I can do whatever the heck I want to, I not so randomly selected the word "spring" as my inaugural "Tag Word".  If you see a listing that may not seem to "fit" with the others, keep in mind that each listing has at least one thing in common with the others; they share the same "tag word".

If you're at all familiar with my other regular feature, "The View From The Big End", you may have noticed that I usually limit the number of featured images to 10.  Again, this being the first edition, and since it's my blog and I can do whatever the heck I want to, I went a little nuts on the number of featured images.  I can't promise to go quite so crazy in future editions, so let's just celebrate this one for what it is, an über-collection of some fantastic work.


1. Purple Pansy Reflection - theeye      2. Hidden Path - ALPhotography      3. magnolia flower - enchantedpond

4. bixler the papyrus - zuppaartista            5. Picnic by the Tower - jerseymaids            6. Cold Spring - poofny

7. Green - ValeriaH               8. Fractal springs - Lhosphotography               9. Spring Rains - lizgrandmaison

10. Wild Tulip - Knight27            11. Early Spring - PhotoGrunt            12. The Big Thaw - EmmainWonderland

13. Diluted Peace - weberphoto    14. Spring Fair - Dreamy Carnival - HeyHarriet    15. Lily of the Valley 1001 - JeriAnnesGallery

16. SpringPeonies - TheShutterbugEye          17. The Secret Garden - missquitecontrary          18. Blooming - eringarrisondesign

19. Colorful Bird- lilacpopphotography          20. At Last - JenniferAitchison          21. taller or smaller, today - AmelieAPoulain

22. Cruisin - CreateLoveLaugh          23. Country Farming - TimeCaptured          24. Spring Thaw - firstlightphoto

25. whisper - PhotogenicGallery               26. Bird Dance - TheCamerasEye


  1. Well, well! it's a very good idea you've racked your brain for! I bet it was fun looking thru all the images on Etsy to select these! thanks for including my photo... :) much appreciated

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my "Country Farming" photo. You did a great job!


  3. Steve: And an über collection it is!!
    I've said it before ... you da man!
    Thank you for caring SO much!
    I only wish I could return the gesture!

  4. Steve,

    Thanks for showing how vastly different one single word can be presented artistically. Very cool.

  5. Gorgeous photos and great article!
    Well done :)
    *Melissa aka The Daily Foto*

  6. Ooooh how cool that one of my prints came up in your tag search! Yippee! Thanks so much Steve! And what a great idea for a blog theme. If only I could come up with clever ideas I'd blog more often than only once a week ;)

    I've been offline for the last couple of weeks and only just reopened my etsy shop the other day so this was certainly a lovely surprise. I'm looking forward to jumping back into the POE thread but I think I'll wait for the new one to start as I have no way of catching up with the current one now!

    Sorry. That was a bit of a long winded comment... Hope you have a great Easter weekend Steve.

    Cheers Tracy

  7. very cool idea! and great blog! thanks for including my 'Blooming'!

  8. Really great blog and wonderful images there Steve!

  9. Cool concept, this is fun! Thanks for picking my tulip :)

  10. steve, what a great job you did going a little crazy! it's great fun seeing such "spring" talent from the poe team. thanks for including my whisper!

  11. Thanks Steve! What a fun idea and a great collection of work. I'm really happy my photo popped up in your search!

  12. What a great idea, STeve. Congrats.

  13. Thanks so much Steve--great idea!

  14. Wonderful concept for your continuing feature, Steve. Thanks for all you do to "cross-pollinate" for the POE Team!

  15. as usual, great choice of photos! and i like the theme or tag. :)

  16. awesome idea! and i love your choices!
    thanks so much for including my bixler print! i am honored to be among such talented photogs! :)

  17. A Beautiful collection! Thank you so much for including my piece with all these great photographs :)