Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Worth a Look (The View From The "Big End") - Vol I Edition 5

Every now and then I'll go wandering through the listings for the Photographers Of Etsy just because I like to look at photographs, even if I didn't create them.  I always go to the "Big End" because I want to catch them before they expire, give them another chance at discovery if you will.  Here are just a few of the ones I found this week toward the big end of the list that I felt were worth a look.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

A Bird Gathering - BethPeardonProds

Embedded Memories - xenya

Soul's Estate - AlteredAbbey

Unfortunate Souls - MzLoca

37 Chevy - eddyizm

Soar - ravencolours

Parched - lightleaks

Dandy Sparkle - MelisaTaylor

Blue Winter - AglaeaDesigns

The Tunnel I - SusanElkin


  1. Great choices again! I almost want to leave my pictures to almost expire so you'll feature one of mine again. This is a fab way for me to see what everyone else is doing. Thanks!

  2. thanks mate! there is a certain pleasure in getting lost in photographs ;-)

  3. I love Embedded Memories. What a great photo. Thanks for sharing it!

    I love your blog. I am so happy I follow it!

  4. Beautiful Steve, just beautiful!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for including my photograph "Unfortunate Souls" in this amazing collection. BTW: did you see the ghosts in the window?

  6. What beautiful choices, thanks for including mine among them.
    Love your blog.
    Beth Peardon

  7. Beautiful! Thanks so much for including "Embedded Memories"!

  8. Hey Missy; no, I did not see the ghosts...going to look right now!

  9. Thanks so much for including my 'blue winter' photo! Great collection!

  10. Love these choices, thanks so much for including my "Souls Estate' piece!

  11. thanks so much for including my photo, they're all gorgeous!