Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 52 - Week 39

A photo a week...for a year.  Fifty-two weeks; 52 images, minimum.

September 30

Sunrise Over Foggy Bottom

Sunrise Over Foggy Bottom (B&W)

...To The Place I Belong

There are several different ways for me to get to work in the morning.  This has its advantages if there be traffic issues, or should I wish to avoid the freeways...which is always the case.

One of the routes I frequently take is the West Lake Sammamish Parkway, which, oddly enough, skirts the west shore of Lake Sammamish.  The top photo was taken looking east from the side of West Lake Sam Pkwy, just south of Marymoor Park.  I've had my eye on this location for some time, and this morning presented me with a most auspicious I took it!  Oh, color and black & white, why both?  While each of them evoke different emotions and present different qualities, I find that I like them both equally well and I felt it would be unfair of me to offer you one in favor of the other.

The bottom photo was taken on my way home from work.  Turning left or right as I leave each offer their own opportunities and challenges, depending on time of day, day of the week, weather conditions, etc, but this day I turned right.  I had previously noticed the way this short stretch of road appeared to present itself as a length of unfurled ribbon, and today found me with just the right combination of favorable light, weather conditions, preparation and time so that I was able to stop in the road for a few moments  and capture this image.  It may not be an award winner, but it pleases me in a very basic and elemental way.  (The title...can you place the reference?)

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