Friday, September 10, 2010

Worth a Look (The View From The "Big End") - Vol I Edition 29

If you're reading this, chances are pretty darn good you're up to speed on what's goin' on.  If, however, you're new here (and that's perfectly OK...welcome!), here's the deal: I enjoy looking at photographs (I'm a photographer...go figure!), and on a regular basis I'll go wandering through the listings for the Photographers Of Etsy to do just that...look at photographs. I frequent the "Big End" because I want to catch them before they expire, give them another chance at discovery if you will.  Here are just a few of the images I found this week toward the big end of the list that I felt were worth a look.  Enjoy!

(Note:  The "Big End" is what I call the the oldest of the POE listings. To get there, do a search on Etsy under "All Items" for "poe team".  You will get a list of probably somewhere between 400 or 500 listings; the "Big End" is the end of the list with the highest numbers, and these are the ones about to drop off and expire.)

Up the Stairs... - firstlightphoto

Wedding Dress, Florence, Italy - dhunting

Old Pulley - peggyhodge

Acordian Man - ANJacobsen

Turned On - MjLeonard

Diesel Fried Chicken - siriusimagery

Bodie Wagon - jessicarogers

NYC Cabbie - DavidLangley

against the sky 1 - clickdecourcyNI

those winter sundays - stephmel

Vintage Autos - rrobertsphoto

Cello - erinaasland


  1. Over the past few months I have discovered so many grand photographers and their work. It's wonderful finding work from so many excellent photographers. Great job! I have recently become a fan of so many!

  2. These are not images to decorate your guest room bathroom. Far too good! Thanks for adding mine!

  3. Amazing work once again! Thank you Steve!

  4. Thanks so much for including the old pulley