Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tagline Roulette - Volume I, Edition 17 - "Summer"

I have a list of words, currently numbered at 136, and each week I go to an online random number generator to get...(Wait for it!)...a  randomly generated number! I use this number to point me to the tag word that I'll use to search for images by Etsy POE Team members that will populate that week's feature.  Ironically, this week that word turned out to be "Summer" which produced a list of 23 pages, and 906 listings.  It's a challenge to reduce that many fine images to a relative handful, but that, as they say, is the nature of the beast.  

Originally, my target in this feature was to put together a collection of 10 images or so, but since I don't believe I've ever managed to limit myself to only "10 images", I decided to lift the target number and just go with what I feel.  Ten images is now my minimum, and my maximum depends on the number of images in the pool and how I feel about things.  I don't want to feature so many images that folks might get bored looking at them, and once I start approaching 20 images, posting them starts to get to be a drag, so now my limit falls somewhere between "10" and "folks might get bored / this is getting to be a drag".

This week we ended up with a collection of 22 images.  Please take a look; I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Oh, and as always, please feel free to send me your word suggestions; the list is by no means limited to 136.



A Warm Summer Breeze - firstlightphoto

Swinging - dhunting

Big Big World - JoannasPhotography

Les petits Cabanons #1" (The Little Sheds) - MarcoLaGrenouille

Water Cannon - om23photography

all summer long - enchantedpond

Summer - deannk

Chores - LemonStPhotography

Wheat Field - rrobertsphoto

summertime - stephmel

Carnival Swings - gothicrow

Oh Summer - BornBarefoot

balooga the balloon - emporium51

Grass in the Wind - MatkirschPhoto

restart - AnnWilkinson

California Sun No. 8 - littlegraypixel

Fine Summer - MagMoment

golden no. 2 - shannonpix

Forgotten Road - JulieMagersSoulen

Summer - ValeriaH

Endless Summer - LaughingDogPhoto

Soar - ravencolours


  1. lovin summer. thank you so much for including my photograph amongst all these amazing visions. i love "Soar" -- an incredible use of space. thanks, steve!

  2. I really enjoy your choices and can understand how hard it must be to choose just a few.

  3. Thank you for including me. I feel special to be among such fine photographers here. This grouping made me think of summers as a child. It really told a story.

  4. Once again, another great collection. I'm glad my Endless Summer print made the cut. Being a California girl, I loves me some summer!

  5. I love the selections as usual. The square formatted ones turned out to be my favorites this go-around.

  6. Beautiful summer photographs, I love this collection, thanks so much for including one of mine!

  7. Thank you for including my photo, Steve. I think it's a wonderful thing to promote others' work. Bravo to you!

  8. Such cool shots! what a great way to discover talented photographers!

  9. beautiful theme! and right on time, as the summer is slowly letting go...
    Thank you so much for featuring my Big Big World- the photograph of Outer Banks beach just before the summer storm!

  10. Oh Summer is such a mood. I love it and all the pretty "pictures." Thanks for including my shot of Myrtle Beach in Fine Summer.

  11. Great theme and selection. I love the nostalgic mood and the poetry of these summer visions. Thank you so much for including my "summertime"!

  12. Summer is a magical time... I'm honored to be included here with some very talented photographers.

  13. What a gorgeous "Ode to Summer!" Thank you very much for including my work, Forgotten Road. Cheers!

  14. Great shots! Thanks for including me!

  15. This is indeed a very "summery" list, thank you for including my photo!